The 10 Best Volleyball Shoes – Expert Reviewed & Tested

Are you a pro Volleyball player, but your shoes ditch you whenever you get a good strike? Don’t worry you are not alone. Wearing the best volleyball shoes is the key part to getting good hits, as a player needs to take swift horizontal and vertical moves. Additionally, jumping, sprinting, and shuffling are equally important to vanquish the game.

After getting multiple comments, I and my team decided to have a brief look at Volleyball shoes of different brands and let the players know which one was best for them. Though, each company is claiming to hit the market with the best Volley ball shoes, however, not all of those fulfill the player’s demand.

But no worries, now you don’t have to waste plenty of hours in search of good volleyball shoes, as this blog post contains complete information about top-rated volleyball shoes available in the market. Besides, some budget-friendly volleyball shoes are also available to meet your requirements.

To make your decision easier, here is a review of the best volleyball shoes currently available on Amazon.

Have a look at our top priority Volley ball shoes.

Top Pick

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6

ASICS Men's Sky Elite FlyteFoam 2
Top Pick

ASICS Sky Elite FF MT-2


Some Other top Rated volleyball shoes we have tested

Mizuno Men’s Wave Momentum 2 – Good volleyball shoes

Adidas Dame 08 Volleyball Shoes – Best volleyball shoes for jumping

Nike React Hyperset – Best shoes for volleyball and basketball

Adidas Men’s Crazyflight Track and Field Shoe – Best Volleyball Court Shoes

ASICS Netburner Ballistic FlyteFoam 3 – Best volleyball shoes for Hitters

Adidas Stabil Next Generation – Best volleyball shoes for Liberos

Some Other best budget volleyball shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket 10 – Best Cheap volleyball shoes

ASICS Upcourt 5 Volleyball shoes – Popular volleyball shoes

Why we are recommending these shoes?

The recommendations as mentioned earlier for the best volleyball shoes are based on our team’s keen observations and experience after playing multiple games with each of these shoes. Though we have double-checked their cushioning, strength, ability to bear jerks, breathability, and lightweight, still, your experience can still be different from ours. Each of the above-displayed products can have its own good or bad characteristics.

Therefore, while buying them must consider your needs, some want heavy-weight shoes, meanwhile others desire light-weight shoes, some players want high souls while others are more comfortable with flat shoes. In short, it depends upon user preferences. Meanwhile, we must provide you with the best detailing of each volleyball shoe, including its pros and cons. Let’s begin this with ASICS Men’s Sky Elite FF2 Volleyball Shoes.

Best Volleyball Shoes – 1st Position

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6

 My favorite Mizuno shoes offer the players an extra layer of soles. Premium quality, lightweight, and breathable for your feet. The best option for those who play volleyball the whole day and need a strong pair of shoes.

The first glance this premium shoe claims that it supports the super-fast mobility of players. Focusing on its lightweight premium quality and super strong sole, this product is my top priority as a pro volleyball player. This Volleyball shoe is available for men and Women.

Why Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6?

  • Mizuno’s wave lightning technology will satisfy you with proper cushioning and stability during a hard match.
  • A small diagonal groove present in the middle of the shoe allows the player to step at maximum speed and shift the direction easily whenever needed.
  • Overall, the best option has all the features that a volleyball player wants in his shoes.

Characteristics and Design

  • The shoes are lightweight and perfectly cushioned to avoid any damage to your feet.
  • A thick collar provides extra strength as well as enhances the feet coverage.
  • The tongue of this shoe is quite flat having little amount of cushioning there.
  • The upper body is quite satisfying, made up of a breathable mesh material.
  • The toe side has a dura shield to prevent any collapse. Although the toe box is somewhat narrow, it still does a great job of maximizing shock absorption. However, we recommend you not to get a tight pair of these shoes as the shield will push your toe.
  • Apart from providing breathability, the shoes are constructed of good leather, to fix your feet inside, providing incredible stability.
  • The name Wave technology is due to the construction of the outsole. This outsole comes with a wave-like appearance having small holes at the inner and outer sides of shoes.


  • Wearing Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 is quite satisfying, I practiced comfortably for almost 4 hours for two weeks.
  • Shoes firmly grip my feet and support the forward and lateral movement.
  • Talking about the cushioning, these shoes have well-progressed in this aspect too. Although some of you may need some extra cushioning, for me it is perfect.


  • Good ventilation
  • Lightweight and comfortable for running.
  • Supports swift stepping and change of direction.
  • Provides a firm grip and stability to the feet.


  •  I haven’t analyzed any negative point in this Product.

Our Recommendations

I highly Recommended These shoes because they are perfect for beginners as well as pro volleyball players. They are strong and lightweight and support gripping and multi-directional movement.

Best Volleyball Shoes – Runner up

 ASICS Sky Elite FF MT-2

The shock absorption feature in these shoes helps to reduce the energy while coming back after a high jump, thus not damaging your feet in any way. Quite comfortable to wear, supports heel-to-toe transition, and offers good ventilation for your feet.

Experience comfortable jumping with this premium quality ASICS Sky Elite FlyteFoam 2 volleyball. A perfect cushioning along with Gel technology make it an excellent option for attackers.

Why Sky Elite FF MT-2?

  • Offers the players with TWISTRUSS technology, to swiftly move from back to forward without losing energy.
  • Proper cushioning, excellent traction, and a good heel-to-toe transition make it an amazing choice for volleyball players.
  • Specially designed for attackers, supports high jumping, and does not hit your feet in any way.

Characteristics and Design

  • The tongue of this shoe is separate from the rest of the area and is a traditional type like we usually see in old shoes.
  • Cushioning is quite amazing in the ankle area, to give comfort and protection at the same time.
  • The upper part of this shoe is ventilated with mesh material, to avoid sweating and bad odor.
  • This shoe has an amazing shock absorption feature. Constructed with flyte foam technology at the midsole, this shoe will serve its best while landing after a high jump.
  • Curved heel offers a soft jump with no harm to your ankle or toe.
  • The edges are flexible to support the heel-to-toe transition.


While talking about the best volleyball shoes, ASICS has no comparison. I was stunned after experiencing these shoes while playing volleyball for a week. These are super soft, lightweight, easy to step, and facilitate jumping. Here’s what we found after equipping the ASICS Sky Elite Flyte Foam 2 shoe.

  • The shoes have great springiness and support for extra bounce. Perfectly designed for aggressive attackers.
  • These are super-soft while landing, extra padding means extra shock absorption ability. Thus no damage to your feet.
  • The shoes are amazingly flexible and super durable for excessive jumping and running.
  • They offer thicker soles than Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6. Thus not recommended for those who want to remain closer to court.
  • A thing I want you to consider is, you must buy at least half a size larger than your original size. It is because of the extra cushioning it has, so the exact size might be uncomfortable and can cause thumb bending.
  • TWISTRUSS technology is specifically built to get sharp multi-directional moves during a match.


  • Quite comfortable and grippy on a hardwood floor.
  • The direction change is pretty good.
  • Padding is just amazing.
  • Good in shock absorption


  • Not a budget-friendly option.

Our Recommendations

After using these for two weeks, I will surely recommend them to every volleyball player. Whether you are an outside hitter or opposite hitter, middle blocker, or setter, these shoes will serve you at their best. The way they support traction and heel-to-toe transition is quite amazing.

 ASICS Sky Elite FF MT-2 Vs. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6

  • The grip is good.
  • Less cushioning on the tongue area.
  • The toe box is wide.
  • Flat tongue.
  • The heels are not higher than Sky Elite FF-2
  • Breathable mesh.
  • Light in weight.
  • The outer sole is constructed by using wave technology.
  • These are all-rounders, everyone can use them.

ASICS Sky Elite FlyteFoam 2

  • The grip is quite amazing.
  •  More cushioning on the tongue side.
  • The toe box is quite large.
  • Traditional tongue.
  • The heels are high, let the player remains above the ground.
  • Ventilated mesh
  • Heavier than Mizuno
  • TWISTRUSS technology is present for swift stepping.
  • Specifically constructed for attackers.

Best Volleyball Shoes – 3rd Position

Mizuno Wave Momentum 2

This one is a super lightweight, premium-quality shoe, that supports high jumping, and traction. Dura shield works as a shock absorber to prevent damage. The heel-to-toe transition is perfect, especially for attackers and liberos.

Characteristics and Design

  • Shoes are considerably light in weight, super soft, and constructed with premium quality leather.
  • The shoes have introduced the latest eyelet structure to fit perfectly on feet.
  • DynamotionFit Bootie construction is specifically designed in these shoes to offer the player some extra grip and stability during a hard match.
  • The ventilated mesh prevents your feet from sweating and excessive heat and maintains humidity inside the shoes.
  • The toe area contains a dura shield, a good shock absorber during high jumps. Thus prevent your toes from any pain and damage.
  • The shoes have a sock-like tongue appearance, good for stepping and heel-to-transition.
  • The energy foam and plate technology collectively enhance the cushioning and springiness to give the player some extra bounce during a hit.


  • The previous version of this phone was not perfectly fit to my feet. However, this time I am really comfortable with the Momentum 2 volleyball shoe, thanks to the special eyelet structure.
  • Traction is somehow troublesome for me, although it is not bad but still needs improvement if we compare it with ASICS Sky Elite FF2.
  • What makes an exception is the durability of this shoe along with its ultra-light weight. This is quite magical how Mizuno has managed both these features together.
  • Wave momentum is quite amazing in managing the heel-to-toe transition. It does this job super smoothly.
  • Although, the landing after a high jump is satisfying as compared to its Wave Momentum 2. Nevertheless, it still needs improvement in this regard.
  • The toe box is wider than before, so large feet can easily accommodate inside it without any inconvenience.


  • Good for high jumps and bounces.
  • Quite comfortable for running.
  • Provides good traction.
  • Excellent heel-to-toe transition.
  • Light in weight.
  • Durable


  • Traction still needs improvement.
  • Shock absorption could be better.

Our Recommendations

After using these shoes for a week and a half, I will recommend these shoes to the outside hitter, attacker, setter, and opposite hitter. Proper cushioning and lightweight manufacturing facilitate springiness, thus supporting you during high jumps. Apart from volleyball, basketball players can equally entertain themselves by equipping these shoes.

Nevertheless, if you are libero, these shoes might be hard to understand. I served 2 years as a libero in my volleyball team, so I know it is mandatory for a libero to remain on the ground and extra cushioning might be problematic. So, better to check it once before going on a match. But here I must mention that famous US libero Erik Shoji wears these shoes.

Best Volleyball Shoes – 4th Position

Adidas Dame 08

Premium quality shoes, best for basketball and volleyball players. This is an updated model of Dame 6 and 7. These are a less costly option.

The aforementioned shoes are constructed of top premium quality, so are not affordable to everyone. Therefore, if you are looking for a comparatively less expensive option, the Adidas Dame 8 will work for you. Basically, these shoes are made to facilitate basketball players, however, we can consider them as good volleyball shoes, because of their versatility. Dame 8 is an upgraded version of Dame 6 and Dame 7 and has stunning improvement.

I also experienced the Dame 6 and 7 models, unfortunately, it was a bad experience due to their solid and stiff material respectively. But this time things are going perfectly. For me, these shoes are all-rounder, and facilitate a good grip, springiness, stability, and multi-directional movement.

Characteristics and Design

  • Made up of premium quality material.
  • The shoe’s upper part and tongue both are of breathable mesh material.
  • The collar has to get some extra cushioning, to get better bounces.
  • The toe box is nice and wide, perfect for those who have large feet.
  • Bounce technology is quite amazing, especially if you land back on the ground after a heavy jump.
  • The heel area is flexible and firm at the same time, gripping your feet tightly while allowing you a multidirectional movement.
  • Overall width is good, perfect to manage wide feet.


  • The sudden change of direction of Adidas Dame 8 is quite satisfying.
  • Springiness is good, extra padding on the collar area works as a shock absorber, preventing any damage to your feet.
  • I experienced shoes on hardwood floors as well as dusty ones. Talking about the traction, it was good on the hard floor, but for me, it doesn’t do amazing on the dusty floor. So, prefer to get a shoe cleaner or a grip spray, in case you are playing on a dusty floor.
  • Before using these shoes as a libero, I wasn’t sure whether these shoes would work the same for defense or not. Nevertheless, after playing a few matches as a libero, I was surprised to see the performance. Most of the time the high-sole shoes don’t work due to lack of compressing capability. But the Dame 8 has boosted my game here too.
  • While playing basketball, its high sole gave some extra boost to my game. As I was on height as compared to other players.
  • The overall cushioning is amazing, my feet are perfectly fitted inside them. I haven’t experienced any rub even a single time during the whole match.
  • The wide-toe box works best to manage large feet.


  • Comparatively less costly.
  • Good heel-to-toe transition.
  • Excellent traction.
  • A good shock absorber.
  • Support bounces
  • Swift step-shifting is amazing.


  • Bulky shoes for volleyball players.

Our Recommendations

The shoes are versatile and good for outside hitters and setters. They show remarkable performance in terms of firm grip, extra springiness, stability, and shock absorption.

Best Volleyball Shoes – 5th Position

Nike React Hyperset Shoes

Not specifically made for volleyball purposes. Made up of good fibre. Serve you in any game, also good for casual running.

Start with the looks, these shoes are super cool to wear. Though they are mainly made to facilitate basketball players, however, many volleyball players are nowadays wearing these shoes. All because of the comfort it gives during the match and the strong grip it offers to the player’s feet.

Characteristics and Design

  • It appears like a basketball shoe due to its bulkiness and long tongue.
  • One more unique thing I observe in these shoes is its upper material which is thicker than the aforementioned volleyball shoes.
  • The upper part and tongue of the shoes are made up of soft meshy material, that allows ventilation inside the shoes.
  • Overall padding of these shoes is satisfying, especially the ankle part and forefoot area have quite good cushioning as compared to many other shoes with the same price on the market.
  • These shoes have thicker rubber and stiff soles, so you might not feel comfortable with them.


  • I have experienced an optimum grip during matches, thanks to Nike hyper-set technology mimicking the hyperdunk technology in terms of stability and firmness.
  • Cushioning is not enough for a volleyball player as after a high jump I felt some pressure on my toe. I might prefer more shock absorption than this.
  • Nike hyperset is good in bouncing but if you compare it with hyperace and hyper attack, things must need some improvement in this regard.
  • During the match surprisingly the lateral and forward movement was too smooth, however, I faced a little problem during jumping.
  • The traction was also awesome, I was swiftly stepping and changing direction.


  • Good traction
  • Provides a decent grip and stability.
  • Springiness is good.
  • The upper part has good meshy ventilation.


  • Not good for wide feet.

Our Recommendations

In my opinion, if you are a hitter these shoes are not good for you. The least shock absorption and stiff sole might give you a tough time during a match. However, the grip, stability, and durability are quite satisfying. For setters, these shoes are the best option as they are not supposed to take high jumps.
One I thing must add, if your feet are wide go for a half size larger than your original shoe size.

Best Volleyball Shoes – 6th Position

Adidas Men’s Crazyflight Shoes

Premium quality shoes, perfect for any sports as well as casual jogging. A fine leather quality makes it durable. Facilitates multidirectional movement. The upper part is manufactured of mesh material for breathability and proper ventilation.

These all-rounder shoes specifically made for men are quite amazing in doing multiple jobs. No matter if you are an attacker, setter, or defensive specialist, they will catch you in every aspect. Let’s go for characteristics and build-up material.

Characteristics and Design

  • The shoes are super light in weight with not too large soles.
  • The tongue area is filled with proper cushioning to maintain high pressure without any damage.
  • The rubber outsole is too good at holding pressure after a high jump, thus a good shock absorber in this regard.
  • The midsole cushioning is also remarkable, facilitating stability during swift steps.
  • The design is made to support the multidirectional movement of your feet, meanwhile holding them firmly.
  • The TPU technology is also present here to get sharp cuts and moves during a tough match.


  • During hard matches, these shoes prove to be life-saving for my feet. While playing I feel a cushion under my feet, which prevents any damage to them.
  • Considering the looks, they are really cool, stylish, comfortable, and durable.
  • The shoes are firm around the ankle, which kept me stable and balanced during the whole match time.
  • I am a volleyball player and played multiple hours with them. However, if you are a squash player, one of my friends having the same shoes told me that these were quite amazing during his squash match as well. Provides perfect landing after a jump and gives a smooth heel-to-toe transition.
  • The ventilated mesh material on top of them is amazing, as they prevent my feet from sweating and also give necessary humidity.


  • Good Stability and balance.
  • Heel-to-toe transition is decent.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • The mesh is ventilated.
  • Cushioning is good


  • The collar is somehow loose.

Our Recommendations

I recommend you go for these shoes. Whether you are a beginner or a pro player this will fulfill your demands during the match. The proper cushioning makes your feet comfortable, meanwhile, the mesh material prevents odor and sweating. These Snickers are not only for volleyball players, but my friends playing squash with them are also stunned by their remarkable performance.

Best Volleyball Shoes – 7th Position

ASICS Netburner Ballistic FF-3

 Again a less costly option for ASICS lovers. Hitters are gonna love these shoes. Incredibly durable, has amazing stability, and good cushioning inside.

The shoes have proved to be a good option for me as a hitter. These are an upgraded model of the previous Netburn Ballistic FF 2 with some advancements like increased FlyteFoam technology, flexibility, and 3D space construction to experience better flexibility than its previous models.

Characteristics and Design

  • Starting from the looks, these shoes are my favorite. The colorful blue and green lines are quite vibrant, giving a classy look to your shoes.
  • The lace-up design has also got attention this year, apart from looks it provides extra protection to the feet.
  • A layer of PU covers the mesh, offering ventilation for your feet.
  • The upgraded FlyteFoam propel technology has won the heart this time. Extra absorption, cushioning, and flexibility are quite amazing for the players.
  • Arthur glue coupled with FlyteFoam technology elevates durability and stability. Supports the player with extra cushioning and shock absorption.


  • The shoes are surprisingly light in weight as compared to many other shoes of the same price. The toe and heel are equally padded, having equal weight and good absorption.
  • I feel super soft while taking high bounces during a hard match. I experienced more shock absorption as compared to Adidas stable and Sky Elite, thanks to the equal cushioning of its collar and toe.
  • The shoes have high heels which means you are above the ground. It might not be suitable for libero, however, being an attacker I enjoyed the sharp pushes and swift stepping.


  • Comfortable and stable.
  • Equal cushioning heel-to-toe.
  • Lightweight


  • The toe box is not wide.

Our Recommendations

The shoes are quite comfortable, especially when you compare them with other shoes in the same price range. I love the way it manages the pressure. The cushioning is quite satisfying, I hardly feel any stress in my shoes after heavy bounces. Libero might feel uncomfortable due to the high sole. But as an attacker, I get many strikes without any pain or stress. I surely recommend you to go for ASICS Netburner Ballistic FlyteFoam 3.

Best Volleyball Shoes – 8th Position

Adidas Stabil Next Generation

Sole is not too high. Comes in various pop-up colors. Good for liberos as they need to stay closer to the ground. Sole is manufactured of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, and claims good durability.

Characteristics and Design

  • Give a cool look with its amazing colors.
  • Curved sole increases flexibility, and ensures smooth lateral movement.
  • Cushioning is good, but if you consider other shoes, I must say it needs improvement.
  • Sole is not too high, remain you closer to the floor.
  • The upper part is made of breathable mesh material, good for preventing sweating, and keeping your feet comfortable for several hours.


  • The Stabil Next Generation is a good, lightweight, and flexible shoe.
  • The sole is stiff, if you are playing as an attacker or hitter, these might be problematic for you.
  • The cushioning is not enough for me, high bounces cause pressure on my toe and heel.
  • My friend wore these shoes as a libero, and he was so happy with them, giving an outstanding response to him.
  • During four hours of playing volleyball, I didn’t feel any sweat inside the shoes, so porous mesh worked for me.


  • Comfortable for running.
  • Ventilated mesh is quite good.
  • Perform amazing job for libero.
  • Lightweight and flexible shoes


  • Does not facilitate springiness.

Our Recommendations

Good for liberos. I will also recommend this for casual jogging as well as tennis players. However, for any game that demands some extra jumps, these shoes are not suitable for that. Apart from cushioning, the flexibility and balance are quite satisfying. Moreover, you will love to play football wearing these shoes.

Best Budget Volleyball shoes – Reviewed and Tested

Best Volleyball Shoes – 9th Position

ASICS Gel-Rocket 10

A good budget-friendly option, best for beginner as well as intermediate volleyball players.
Equipped with ASICS Gel technology, these are quite popular volleyball shoes available in the market. Its Gel-Rocket technology provides proper cushioning and grip during the match.

Characteristics and Design

  • A considerably good tongue, with aerated upper mesh to keep your feet cool and calm even in hot weather.
  • The fine outriggers help with sudden stops and smooth landings after a high jump.
  • Gel-rocket technology offers the best cushioning and shock absorption, thus preventing your heels from damage.
  • Also, the Trusstic system technology makes it lightweight for players.
  • The insole is glued while the outsole is constructed of rubber, these two collectively facilitate rapid movement, flexibility, and firmness.


  • Though these are a budget-friendly option, they do their job effectively.
  • The porous upper mesh supports the air crossing inside the shoes, making your feet comfortable. I wasn’t expecting a breathability feature in that price range.
  • I am die die-hard fan of its gel technology, it keeps your shoes lightweight and provides the perfect cushioning and absorption.
  • The curved back sole might look different, but it works as a game-changer for me. It provided me the remarkable flexibility and firmness at the same time.


  • Budget-friendly option.
  • Gel cushioning.
  • Good Flexibility.


  • Traction needs little improvement.

Our Recommendations

An all-rounder shoes, good for casual walking as well as for basketball players. I will surely recommend my readers to go for this budget-friendly option.

Best Volleyball Shoes – 10th Position

Asics Upcourt-05

 A good budget-friendly premium quality product. Breathable mesh, adequate traction, and good stability.

Asics Upcourt 5 is another budget-friendly option for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money on shoes. I haven’t experienced this kind of quality, durability, and strength at this cost. This one is quite similar to the Gel-Rocket 10 volleyball shoes but in less price. This may be due to the Gel-Rocket providing more outsole stability.

Characteristics and Design

Talking about the features and design the Gel-Rocket 10 and upcourt 5 both own the same quality.

  • Synthetic leather is added on the toe side, to give support and prevent the player’s toe from damage.
  • Collar padding is quite good, and facilitates the shock absorption in that region.
  • The tongue is not so good, it seems traditional.


  • I played several matches wearing these shoes, and they came out very comfortable to me.
  • Stability and traction are good.
  • The grip is comfortable, it handles my feet easily while high jumping.
  • Collar padding is also satisfying.
  • These shoes are lighter than Gel Rocket 10, however, Gel rocket-10 owns premium quality than Upcourt 5.
  • The stitching is not satisfying, it tore a little bit after 3 consecutive matches.


  • Very affordable.
  • Stability and traction are quite good.
  • Adequate padding on the collar area.
  • Toe area is constructed of synthetic leather.
  • Light in weight.


  • According to my research this Product does not have any Drawback.

Our Recommendations

In my opinion, if you are a hitter these shoes are not good for you. The least shock absorption and stiff sole might give you a tough time during a match. However, the grip, stability, and durability are quite satisfying. For setters, these shoes are the best option as they are not supposed to take high jumps.
One I thing must add, if your feet are wide go for a half size larger than your original shoe size.

Things to consider before buying the best Volleyball shoes( buying guide)

While selecting good volleyball shoes keep in mind that volleyball games have different positions like setters, liberos, and hitters. Each has different tasks to perform during a hard match, so their shoes might vary. Apart from buying all-rounder shoes, a good player must consider his position in the team to get long-lasting, flexible, and durable shoes.

On the other hand, the bouncing capability and weight of a player equally matter when getting good volleyball shoes.

However, like other wearables, people have also preferences when buying their best volleyball shoes. Nevertheless, being a Pro volleyball player for 5 years, I have bought many volleyball shoes until now. So, here you are going to get the benefit from my experience of buying the best volleyball shoes as until now I have bought many.

Tip 1. A good Shock absorption

Shock absorption is the primary thing you should consider. A shock absorber has sufficient cushioning so that your landing will be smooth after a high jump. This factor is double important if you are an attacker or blocker, while vertical bouncing your whole body suffers if the padding is not enough and ultimately you will get injured. However, a good shock absorber will prevent you from such uncertainty in this regard.

Tip 2. Lateral support as a libero

If your position in the team is libero, then padding is not the primary factor for you. I have served as a libero in my team, and the toughest part is to take swift changes and pushes. Not all shoes are made to do so. If you are a libero go for the flexibility and smooth lateral movement.

Tip 3. Ankle padding

As I mentioned in the first tip, volleyball demands several jumps some hard some light. But landing softly is the key. The ankle is the second most important part of being protective while taking high bounces.

For this go for the shoes having mid top design to prevent your ankles from damage.

Tip 4. Lightweight shoes are the best

Imagine you want a high jump but your shoes’s excessive weight is not allowing you. Well, I faced this problem during the first year of my volleyball career. Therefore, I prefer you to buy lightweight shoes to get high jumps and swift stepping.

Tip 5. Breathability for feet health

The shoes with no breathable mesh are quite disturbing for me. During practice, my feet became too sweaty like someone washed them inside my shoes. For a comfortable game, the upper part of your shoes must be made up of porous mesh material to allow the air inside your shoes. It will prevent bad odor as well and keep your feet cool and calm during the whole match.

Final words:

Apart from strategy and skills, the volleyball game also depends upon the shoes you wear during the match. The volleyball shoes are specifically designed to facilitate the players during a hard match. Swift stepping, traction, heel-to-toe transition, and proper cushioning are the key factors of the best volleyball shoes. The above-mentioned shoes are the top priority of many volleyball players including me.

However, the final decision depends upon one’s preferences. Hope the aforementioned information about volleyball shoes will be helpful for you. If there is something you want to add, just let us know in the comment section. Also, feel free to share your volleyball experience with any of the recommended shoes below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear volleyball shoes for jogging?

The volleyball shoes made for indoor courts are not resistant to dust. They have special indoor rubber soles that cannot bear excessive humidity and heat stress. However, if your shoes are made for an outdoor dusty volleyball court, you can wear them for jogging and everyday use as well.

Which one is the most popular volleyball shoe brand?

ASICS is a well-renowned volleyball shoe brand. ASICS Sky Elite FF2 is the top model as we have discussed above. Their durability, padding, flexibility, and shock absorption are quite amazing. They are good for indoor as well as outdoor volleyball games. 

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