6 Best Asics Volleyball Shoes -(Expert Reviewed)

If you are a volleyball player, you might have faced difficulties while selecting the best volleyball shoes for your tournament. The sports market is overcrowded with a range of fascinating shoes, that facilitate jumping, stepping, traction, and multi-directional movement. Different brands have their own approach to making their best volleyball shoes. Nike, Adidas, and Mizuno all are good, but I personally love using Asics volleyball shoes.

These shoes are super cool, protect my feet in every aspect, and allow me to play with my full potential without fearing pain and stress. I have been a member of the Texas volleyball team for almost 5 years. Within this duration, I have experienced multiple brands and shoes, but Asics is unique and more comfortable than the rest of the brands.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the Best Asics volleyball shoes for men and women. All the below-mentioned Asics shoes have been experienced by myself for more than half a year. So, you can rely on the recommendations, pros, and cons of the mentioned shoes. Let’s get started on our journey.

Best Asics Volleyball shoes – My Top priority

ASICS Men's Sky Elite FlyteFoam Volleyball Shoe
Top Pick

ASICS Men’s Sky Elite FlyteFoam

Asics Upcourt 5 Volleyball Shoes
Top Pick

ASICS Men’s Upcourt 5 Shoes


Other Asics volleyball Shoes for Men’s & Women’s

ASICS Gel-Dedicate 7 Shoes – Best Asics Volleyball Shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel-Furtherup – Asics women’s volleyball shoes

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 9 – Asics volleyball shoes men’s

ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 10 – best asics volleyball shoes men’s

Before discussing the aforementioned best Asics shoes in detail. Let us know how we categorize these shoes and choose them as a better option than the rest of the volleyball shoes available in the market.

Why we are recommending the Asics volleyball shoes?

Different people have their own preferences. The reason why I am Asics biased is its super soft sole and the comfort it gives you during a hard match. You can easily play for 4-6 hours wearing these shoes. All the above-mentioned products are written after careful observation by me and my team, to facilitate our readers with the best of Asics shoes. 

Asics owns premium quality for its products. Also, they consider the best cushioning, shock absorption, traction, and heal-to-toe transition that some brands usually neglect. I have tried each of the mentioned shoes for several matches and they turned out to be the best for me, even though some were incredibly amazing in supporting the extra bounces.

So, below we are sharing each aspect of the mentioned shoes, their performance, design, pros and cons to make things clear for readers. Nevertheless, I must mention that not all shoes are made for everyone, players have their own likes and dislikes. So, before buying any of them go for the features of that specific shoe.

It’s time to explain why some of these shoes are the best!

Best Asics Volleyball Shoes – Top Pick

ASICS Men’s Sky Elite FlyteFoam

  A premium quality product features you with incredible comfort. Filled with extra cushioning, best to get extra bounces during the attack.

The mesh material is breathable, avoiding sweating and bad odor during hours of a tough match. Besides, the padding is amazing and provides adequate support and balance during swift stepping and change.

Characteristics and Design

  • The edges of these shoes are flexible and provide good stability during rapid movement.
  • Cushioning is amazing, especially if we talk about the ankle area, which has proper protection during the high jump.
  • Although, the tongue gives a traditional look but has a pressure tolerance capacity.
  • The upper ventilated meshy material is good enough to avoid sweating and keep your feet fresh at the same time.
  • These ASICS shoes rely on FlyteFoam technology on the midsole, thus featuring remarkable shock absorption on landing from a high jump.


All the ASICS volleyball shoes are good, however, Sky Elite FF is my biased. I experienced a super comfort during the match. These shoes are perfect for attackers, defenders, and setters as well. They are light in weight, perfectly padded, and have a good shock absorption capability. Here’s what I have experienced after using these shoes for one month.

  • Being an aggressive attacker, these shoes are a boost for me. Their ability to provide extra spriginess and bounces is stunning. I really enjoy the high jumps and the landing after those jumps.
  • TWISTRUSS technology is the key to Sky Elite FF shoes. I love taking sharp multi-directional moves during the game, to not miss a single strike. And these shoes really support me in doing so.
  • Their padding gives extra protection, so thankfully I never experience any harm to my feet after a high bounce.
  • Due to extra cushioning, you might feel these shoes uncomfortable if you get the exact size. So, better to go for a half-size large for a comfortable experience.
ASICS Men's Sky Elite FlyteFoam Volleyball Shoe


  • Good for extra bounces.
  • Shock absorption is amazing.
  • Extra cushioning provides extra protection to the feet.
  • TWISTRUSS technology allows flexibility.


  • High heels are not good for liberos.
  • A costly product.

Our Recommendations

These shoes are quite amazing for defenders, and attackers. The high heels and perfect cushioning always helped me to take high bounces. The way it offered me the soft landing after the high jump is quite amazing. I recommend these shoes to everyone, however, for liberos, these products might not be suitable.

Best Asics Volleyball Shoes – 2nd Position

ASICS Upcourt 5 Shoes

Good quality shoes. Non-marking sole perfect for indoor and outdoor matches. Good grip and stability. Available in Black, white, black red, and white denim colors.

The shoes are super comfortable for matches. Although, they are launched as volleyball shoes, tennis, and basketball players are equally suitable for them due to their strong grip and durability.

Characteristics and Design

I experienced a remarkable grip and stability by wearing these shoes. The sole is high, providing some extra inches for high jumps, and good for attackers.

  • Lightweight design, easy to jump, and taking swift steps.
  • Broad, breathable mesh is good for cross-ventilation inside the shoes.
  • The toe and heels are made of durable panels to make these shoes strong and long-lasting.
  • Sockliners improve flexibility.


  • They offer an amazing balance, I hardly touched the floor during the whole match.
  • The shoes fit like gloves, the finishing is quite awesome. 
  • These are flexible in multi-directional movement, meanwhile stable at the same time.
  • Heel-to-toe transition is amazing.
  • The toe box is not large, so my teammate having wide feet was not complaining about the stress during the whole match.
  • The stitching and durability are incredible. Apart from playing volleyball, these are perfect for football, basketball, and tennis as well.
Asics Upcourt 5 Volleyball Shoes


  • Good design.
  • Not so expensive.
  • Quite satisfying traction.
  • Light in weight.
  • Good grip.


  • The insole is not durable.

Our Recommendations

These shoes are recommended from my side. They have strong grip, decent stability, and nice traction. However, durability is still questionable for some people. Nevertheless, I spent 3 weeks with these shoes and they were good enough to win the match.

Comparison Table Between Products

ASICS Sky Elite FlyteFoam

  • Expensive product.
  • The outer material is made up of mesh.
  • Light in weight.
  • More cushioning on the tongue side.
  • Specifically made for attackers.


  • Relatively budget-friendly option.
  • Outer material is made up of synthetic.
  • A little bit heavier than Sky Elite FF.
  • Less cushioning, but still comfortable.
  • These are all-rounder shoes.

Best Asics Volleyball Shoes – 3rd Position

ASICS Gel-Dedicate 7 Shoes

The stylish good quality product provides super comfort. ASICS gel technology makes it more durable, providing excellent traction.

These shoes are sturdy, featuring an excellent heel-to-toe transition. These shoes provide a good balance and grip at the same time. Besides, the rubber outsole is flexible for making multi-directional movement.

Characteristics and Design

  • The shoes look stylish and comfortable available in white & black contrast.
  • The curved midsole provides comfortable cushioning for a better bouncing experience.
  • The toe box is not too wide.
  • A good balance between grip and flexibility.
  • The upper material is made up of great synthetic material, providing incredible support.
  • The wrap-up outsole allows remarkable stability, even if your shoes are in a continuous stepping position.


  • These are comfortable, even after 4 hours of continuous match.
  • Traction is quite satisfying.
  • I felt my feet locked up while chasing the spot or continuously shifting my direction.
  • It was comfortable, however, one of my teammates wore the same shoes and he complained the toe box was not managing his feet easily.
  • The shoes are light in weight, so you can run, jump and take extra strikes.
  • The shock absorption and traction are good too.
ASICS Gel-Dedicate 7


  • Grip and flexibility are good.
  • The shoes are light in weight.
  • Shock absorption is satisfying.


  • The toe box is not wide.
  • The laces are short.

Our Recommendations

I recommend these shoes to everyone. The heel is not too high, nor too short so that even libero can be comfortable with it. However, the toe box is small, so I recommend you buy a half-inch bigger than the normal size.

Best Asics Volleyball Shoes – 4th Position

ASICS Women’s Gel-Furtherup

Constructed from premium quality synthetic leather. Gel-Furtherup are multipurpose indoor shoes, best made for volleyball.

Cushioning, stability, and comfort all are compiled in these ASICS shoes.

The synthetic leather is quite amazing in providing durability as well as support in the forefoot. Apart from volleyball, these shoes are quite amazing for athletics too.

Characteristics and Design

  • The outsole of the Gel-Furtherup shoes is constructed of a rubber gum material, providing an incredible grip on the floor.
  • The cushioning and padding are remarkable, offering the player an extra layer of protection for the feet.
  • Synthetic leather is another key here to get swift stepping and multidirectional movement. Even these are perfect for athletes, helping them in taking sharp cuts.
  • The lateral wrap-up technology and TRUSSTIC technology are compiled to enhance the stability to the next level.


  • These are super light in weight, providing full control of your foot movement. I never felt them bulky or uncomfortable.
  • The toe box is narrow for some players. Therefore, these shoes were not good for one of my teammates having large feet. However, when he purchased a half-inch large, it suited best for him.
  • The outer sole is super soft, meanwhile the insole is somehow hard.
  • Shock absorption is good. The proper cushioning provides extra comfort during land after a high bounce.
  • The insole rubber gum material comforts players, providing extra grip while taking sharp cuts and high strikes.
ASICS Women's Gel-Furtherup Volleyball Shoes


  • Lightweight.
  • Insole rubber gum material for extra grip.
  • Extra stability.
  • Good for volleyball players and athletics.


  • The toe box is small.

Our Recommendations

ASICS Gel Further-up volleyball is a value-for-money product. Apart from a narrow toe box and hard insole, I have never experienced any trouble during several hours of the match. These shoes are perfect for many beginners as well as pro-level volleyball players. One of my athlete friends also used it, and it comes out amazing for him as well. I surely recommend you to try this product.

Best Asics Volleyball Shoes – 5th Position

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 9 Shoes

A fine quality versatile shoes, comfortable for running, and springiness. Features a quite satisfying cushioning and a breathable mesh.

The shoes look classical. Apart from volleyball, these shoes are perfect for hiking, running, and even playing tough games like football. Heel side padding is good, however the toe side might need improvement.

Characteristics and Design

  • It has a classic design, doesn’t feel cool.
  • The upper mesh material is breathable and prevents your feet from sweating. Allows cross movement of air inside the shoes.
  • The cushioning is quite satisfying. Provides adequate protection for your feet.
  • Rearfoot gel technology enhances further shock absorption and diminishes any stress after a hard strike on the floor.


  • The shoes work effectively for several hours of my volleyball practice. The breathable mesh provided ultimate comfort to me.
  • Being an attacker my mostly job is to bounce again and again, and Gel Venture 9 fulfills my demands effectively.
  • Durability is good, however, after one month I felt the toe was tearing from a side, which really disappointed me.
  • The heel padding was also just OK, as I felt stress and pain at that point.
  • The outsole is hard, and provides strength to the underfoot part.
ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 9 Shoes


  • Amazing Gel technology for high jumps.
  • Stability is good.
  • Budget-friendly option.
  • Ventilated mesh is super amazing.


  • Toe box durability is questionable for me.

Our Recommendations

For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on shoes but need a good experience, these shoes are masterpieces for them. However, I faced some durability issues. Also being a thin person, the shoes are somehow bulky for me. Apart from these difficulties, I never felt any issues in my 4 weeks duration with Gel-Venture 9 Shoes.

Best Asics Volleyball Shoes – 6th Position

 ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 10

A good product for both intermediate and beginners. A cost-effective option along with quality. 

Comes with a Gel technology feature, these shoes are quite durable providing remarkable cushioning and padding.

Characteristics and Design

  • The tongue is good, and the mesh is ventilated to provide sufficient calmness to your feet.
  • The Gel technology is super good in providing extra cushioning and shock absorption so that you can freely take a high jump.
  • The outriggers are quite satisfying for sudden stops.
  • The shoes are lightweight, thanks to its TRUSSTIC technology.
  • The insole and outsole both are good in providing stability, rapid movement, flexibility, and firmness.


  • The grip is quite good, providing incredible support during the high jump.
  • These are lightweight and comfortable to run, even if you are playing a basketball game these will serve you the best.
  • The Gel technology is super satisfying, it keeps your shoes lightweight and provides extra cushioning and shock absorption at the same time.
  • The curved back sole is too good in providing flexibility during swift multi-directional movement.
ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 10 Volleyball Shoes


  • A budget-friendly option.
  • Gel cushioning is a game changer.
  • The curved back sole provides flexibility.


  • Traction is not satisfying for me.

Our Recommendations

Grab this budget-friendly option. Apart from volleyball players, these are also comfortable for casual walks, running, hiking, and basketball games. These are the best products I ever experienced in this budget.


The shoes play a key role in playing a smooth and comfortable match. Although, skills and tricks are the keys, however, if your shoes are not satisfying a successful match can easily turn into a troublesome journey. Different brands are available in the market claiming themselves as the best product maker, however, my choice always goes for ASICS volleyball shoes, a well-renowned brand.

Their shoes are super comfortable, and available at different prices, unlike the NIKE. Having plenty of options are might confusing, therefore, we have gathered collective data on different but best ASICS volleyball shoes that we have got after experiencing the number of shoes and observing their performance. The above-mentioned products are best according to me, however, one can have own preferences and experiences, so the products can vary too.

Hope this article has proven to be the best one in order to provide sufficient data about the best ASICS volleyball shoe. For more exposure, we welcome you to share your experience with any ASICS shoes. You can also add up on this list if you think any other ASICS product is also worth mentioning in this article. Hope the blog will be helpful for your future ASICS shopping.


Why ASICS is an expensive brand?

The high price and good quality are generally correlated. According to my experience ASICS never compromises on it’s product quality. Moreover, addition of Gel technology, Trusstic technology and Flytefoam technology make the relative shoes more costly. That’s why ASICS is considered as expensive as well reliable brand.

Why ASICS brand is so famous?

ASICS, a renowned brand crafting footwear, apparel, and sports gear for various sports like running, basketball, and volleyball, aims to inspire movement and enrich sports culture worldwide.

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