Volleyball season

When does Volleyball season start?

Volleyball is currently one of the emerging sports, incredibly popular in the US and other countries. However, if you are new to the game as a coach or player, understanding the schedule or when volleyball season starts is crucial. The volleyball schedule is different for girls and boys in Texas. Suppose you are a volleyball enthusiast whether as a player or a spectator, knowing the start of volleyball season is better so that you can manage other tasks accordingly. Otherwise, you will miss your favorite team match either as a spectator or a volleyball player.

Therefore, this article is here to inform you when volleyball season starts and when it is at its peak so that you will not miss any single game this year.

Understanding the Volleyball season

Generally, the volleyball season starts with the initiative of spring and ends with the start of the harsh climate whether it is sun sun-slapping summer or ice ice-cold, freezing winter. The ongoing volleyball games are deeply associated with the region and its geography, just like temperate zones play volleyball in mild seasons both for indoor and outdoor volleyball games.

Nevertheless, the end of spring doesn’t mean the complete end of the volleyball game, but the switch from indoor volleyball to beach volleyball in summer to take proper vitamin D.

The end of volleyball season is a blessing for those who need rest and want to give some time to other tasks. Generally, at the end of volleyball season, players aim to rest, give proper medication to unfit parts of the body, take good health care, and break from the tough exercises and jumps. However, during this period they still need to warm up the body with slightly routine exercises and practice.

High school volleyball season

Generally, the high school volleyball schedule varies from region to region and country to country. However, considering the general terms, the women’s volleyball season starts right after the beginning of the school session and ends in September or October. Meanwhile, the men’s volleyball season starts in March and goes fine till May.

Here, you should remember that the start of the season doesn’t mean the playing time for the players. Rather, it is the time when players start practicing and also new players join the team and showcase their skills. The actual matches start after a few weeks when players perform to their full potential.

Women’s high school volleyball season

As mentioned above the women’s volleyball season starts at the start of the session, however, the trials, team assembling and practice start earlier and this is called the off-season of the women’s volleyball team. It starts in February and can go till April. During this short time, new players are selected, starting their workout and practicing voluntarily. Nevertheless, during this period coaches give minimum time and do not have strictness to practice or work out. After that time, the actual practice, matches, and workouts for volleyball begin.

Men’s high school volleyball season

Usually, the men’s volleyball season starts, when the women’s season is off. In many states of the US, the men play two shorter seasons of the game most probably in spring and autumn.

Volleyball season in college

The question of when college volleyball starts marks an exciting time for student-athletes, as it signals the beginning of intense competitions and the chance to show off skills on a national level. During the college volleyball season, athletes enter a world where hard work and success can pave the way for future sports opportunities. For example, the 2024 college volleyball season brings anticipation of thrilling rivalries and the opportunity to compete for prestigious titles.

In college, women’s volleyball programs are widespread and more common compared to men’s programs. Many colleges, including those in Division 3, NAIA, and Junior colleges, offer scholarships and have full varsity programs for women’s volleyball teams.

Conversely, when it comes to men’s volleyball, there are significantly fewer dedicated programs. Sometimes, the men’s volleyball team may not even be officially sponsored by the school; instead, it might function more like a competitive recreational league.

Club volleyball season’s start and end

Club volleyball seasons start and end varies greatly from region to region. However, a big estimation claims that it starts when the college and school volleyball season is off. Generally, club volleyball begins in January and goes till April. During this period, both men’s and women’s teams dedicated to playing 28-10 matches.

For girls, this time is ideal as their school session ends in October, so they can easily give club trial till November, and start practicing till January of the next year. After that proper practice and workout, the players get ready for the tournaments which are held 1-2 per week till April.

Although for boys it collides with their school volleyball season, however, they can still take part in club games. The clubs own plenty of games that run throughout the year. The average session for a game is approximately 7-9 months. Club volleyball is best for those whose schools do not have a volleyball program. The club polishes your skills and makes a perfect athlete for international volleyball games.

Professional and International volleyball games

Professional volleyball season represents the highest level of achievement in the sport, where the top-notch players showcase their skills at the top tier of competition. The timing of the professional volleyball season differs worldwide, with each country organizing leagues based on factors like climate and national sports schedules. For many players, knowing when the volleyball club season begins and how it intersects with professional competitions is essential for planning their careers. This professional volleyball season is the beginning of a volleyball career for most high school and college volleyball players.

Last time I remember the international volleyball game of 2017 created many opportunities for those who love to make volleyball their lifetime career. This platform is an initiative for men and women volleyball enthusiasts.

International volleyball competitions bring the sport to a global audience, with countries competing for top honors and athletes fulfilling their dreams of representing their nations. The upcoming volleyball season in 2024 serves as an important milestone for both fans and players, demonstrating the recurring nature of these esteemed tournaments. Events such as UAAP Season 82 volleyball and its women’s counterpart, UAAP Women’s Volleyball Season 82, showcase the enthusiasm and skill emerging from collegiate levels on an international scale.

Starting of Beach Volleyball season

While talking about volleyball seasons of different levels, we cannot forget the beach volleyball season. The tournament usually starts in mid or late spring and goes throughout the summer. The peak season of beach volleyball is exciting for all players of different levels, without any age restrictions. Normally, it occurs in the warmer regions where the sun kisses the whole body. Watching this type of Volleyball is another level of fun.

The purpose of beach volleyball is more than just a competition, as it allows the player to focus on their skills without considering the win or loss. The game provides an amazing combination of sun and sand, without noticing the surrounding dirt. Rather players focus on speed, agility, hard work, strength, skills, and teamwork.

Apart from the above things, beach volleyball provides an opportunity for scouts and coaches to choose the most appropriate and skilled players for their collegiate and club volleyball games.

Factors that can affect volleyball season’s start date

Although, the volleyball season both for men and women starts at the exact time of the year. However, some factors such as harsh climate conditions, pandemics overwhelming, or any other national or international affairs can upset the annual schedule of volleyball season, just like other games. Here are some common factors that have affected the volleyball season in the past;

Weather conditions:

Indoor volleyball is not dependent upon the good or bad weather conditions. Players are allowed to game in sweaty June or cold January. However, sometimes the extremely cold weather can delay the match schedule to avoid any uncertainty.

Talking about outdoor/beach volleyball, the schedule is highly dependent upon the sweaty summer or cold winter. The beach volleyball is normally played in the spring season to avoid any discomfort during matches.

Pandemic problems:

Like other indoor and outdoor sports, the global pandemic COVID-19 has deeply upset the volleyball season for the following reasons;

  • Due to the safety of players as well as spectators, the WHO has banned all the games for a year to ensure public health in that depressed time.
  • All the travel agencies had stopped the transport, so the players were not allowed to travel to their gaming spot.
  • The strict safety protocols like avoiding touching others, sanitizing the hands frequently, and wearing masks were another reason to stop the volleyball game during 2020-2022.


With the start of volleyball season, both the men and women players become enthusiasts to show their skills on the volleyball court. The volleyball schedule for high school and college might superimpose each other. However, the club volleyball season and the international one are designed in a way that players can take part in each game, showing their skills and talent across the country.

Apart from the game, strength, potential, skills, and teamwork. The Volleyball game also provides the opportunity to make a good career. Also, different schools and colleges provide scholarships to their best volleyball players. Whether you are a spectator, a coach, or a new player on the team, remaining updated with the season’s start and end is a crucial thing. So, that you can manage your work accordingly.

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